How can diabetes effect your eye . what are the problem occurred in eye when you effected by diabetes

Even if you don't notice problems, when you have diabetes it's important you get your eyes checked every year. If you do have a problem, see an eye doctor right away. Your eye doctor may refer you to an ophthalmologist who specializes in the retina and can provide treatment. If you catch it early, there's a chance you can stop long-term damage.

High blood sugar weakens the blood vessels in your eyes. That can make them leak or grow out of control in your retina, the light-sensitive area at the back of your eye. This is called diabetic retinopathy.

When fluid seeps into your retina, it can cause diabetic macular edema. The leaking makes your retina swell, which hampers the work of your macula, the special, sensitive part that gives you sharp vision.
Diabetic macular edema doesn’t always cause symptoms.

But you may:

Have images directly in front of you appear blurry or wavy
See colors that seem “washed out”
If this happens to you, see your doctor right away.
Have you noticed changes in your vision? If so, what kind?
Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, when?
Does anyone in your family have it?
How have your blood sugar and A1c levels been lately?
Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Do you have any other medical conditions?
You will need a thorough eye exam, which usually includes:
Questions for Your Doctor
What is causing my symptoms?
Will I lose my sight?
Am I at risk for other eye diseases?
Do you have experience treating diabetic macular edema?
What type of treatment do you recommend for me?
What can I expect from it?
What else can I do to protect my vision?
How often will I need to have my eyes checked?

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