People suffering from diabetes should always keep checking their blood sugar and for this you use a glucometer. Let us tell you how you can check your blood sugar with a glucometer.

Below are the tips on how to use a blood sugar meter:
Make sure the meter is clean and ready to use.
After removing a test strip, immediately close the test strip container tightly as exposure to moisture can damage it.
Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry well. Massage your hand to get blood into your finger. Don’t use alcohol because it dries the skin.
Use a lancet to prick your finger and gently place a small amount of blood onto the test strip then in the meter.
After a few seconds, the reading will appear. Track and record your results.
Properly dispose of the lancet and strips in a trash container.
Do not share blood sugar monitoring equipment, such as lancets, with anyone, even with other family members. 
Store test strips in the container provided. Do not expose them to moisture, extreme heat, or cold temperatures.

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