how can controll your blood sugar. plz read

Living with high blood sugars can be challenging. It requires ongoing lifestyle changes and managing the condition on a daily basis, which can lead to overwhelm and stress. 

Long term, high blood sugars can create risks of complications, including:
⚠️ nerve damage, 
⚠️ kidney damage, and
⚠️ heart disease. 
It’s not all bad news. To help managing blood sugar,  Astha foundation always with you . You have to concentrate on my daily post because diabetes never be cure but only reverse with councelling and diet .5 Secrets to Balancing Blood Sugars -  
✅ Improve blood sugar control and reduce the risks of complications
✅ Learn how to eat and what not eat . foods so they create blood sugar balance
✅ Learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices that can be sustained
✅ Feel empowered with valuable tips and tricks so you can take action right away
✅ Get questions answered with group of doctor. You always ask questions and get help from Astha foundation team . This is only organisation and group that always boost your healt against Diabtes and other disease. 
If you have any health related problem certainly you can ask for help. You have to proud on Astha foundation work against Diabetes.

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