how can be safe in winter. read 5 dtep through which we can protect our health in winter season. must read

The winter months are when most ailments like the flu, viral fever, and colds do their rounds and with these illnesses in the air, a strong immunity is your best bet. Here are some ways you can make sure you’re doing your bit to stay healthy.

1. That ‘Gut’ feeling is important---75% of our immune system actually lives in our digestive tract. Probiotic foods that contain “good” bacteria, such as yoghurt, will help to nourish your digestive tract thereby enhancing your immune system.

2. Drink lots of fluids----In the cold weather, most of us don’t feel very thirsty which leads to dehydration. Drinking a lot of water helps your kidneys remove toxins from your body.

3. Exercise and exorcise that laziness---Winters tend to make us feel lazy, so find a way to keep yourself motivated. An early morning walk can give you your daily dose of exercise and also cover your vitamin D quota for the day.

4. Cut back on sweets----Studies showed that when people consumed six tablespoons of sugar, be it in the form of sugary sodas, orange juice, etc., their white blood cells lost their ability to fight off infections. 

5.   Use spices and herbs--Spices and herbs, like turmeric, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon, can work wonders towards preventing and even healing a cold. Similarly, foods rich in vitamin C do the same. Try and add these to your daily diet as much as possible.

These are just a few of the tips that help build your immune system. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a strong defense system, ready to fight off germs throughout the years.

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