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Aastha Foundation, as usual, today again made hundreds of women aware of the danger of diabetes in pregnancy to women and girls living in rural areas, along with their team, which included Bihar's famous gynecologist Dr. Neeta Nath. This campaign of Aastha Foundation, being run like a Walk for Life Diabetes awareness campaign, is proving to be very beneficial especially for the women girls living in poor rural areas because many women also took information about the diseases related to women. A crowd of women was formed on sight. And it has been seen that whenever the team of Aastha Foundation goes to the village for awareness campaign, there is a huge crowd of women and girls. , Especially there were some women who were in pregnancy, they listened carefully to the words of Dr. Neeta Nath. Women participated in this campaign along with their small children. In the end, Aastha Foundation gave its mobile number to the people by distributing medicines and fruits related to some diabetes and urged them that whenever there is any kind of medical need, you must remember Aastha Foundation is always ready for you. If you look at some pictures and videos, you will come to know that an organization which is carrying out its work at the ground level because Aastha Foundation understands what a disease is for the poor.

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