What will you do if blood sugar suddenly rises in people suffering from diabetes? Let us know through this article.

Diabetes is a disease whose incidence and progression are both fatal. High blood sugar levels occur when a simple sugar known as glucose builds up in your bloodstream. The reason for the accumulation of sugar in the blood is not using the sugar properly by the body.

Whatever we eat is broken down into glucose and the body uses that glucose to keep the muscles, organs and brain running smoothly. Glucose is the primary fuel for our bodies, but glucose cannot be used as fuel until it is in cells. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that unlocks cells so that glucose can enter them. Without insulin, glucose floats around in your bloodstream and becomes more concentrated over time. When glucose builds up in the bloodstream, the level of sugar in the blood rises. It damages organs, nerves and blood vessels due to prolonged high blood sugar levels. The reason for the high level of sugar in the blood of diabetic patients is not using insulin properly. Sometimes the blood sugar of the patients starts rising rapidly. In such a situation, it is important to control sugar immediately. If signs of increasing sugar are visible in the body, then first of all check your sugar. If the sugar level is more than 130 mg/dl, then immediately take sugar medicine.
2. If sugar is increasing, do not forget to consume caffeine. Consumption of tea or coffee can increase the sugar rapidly.
3. Do not starve or eat too much when sugar is high. Sugar level increases on an empty stomach, so take light weight food.
4. Keep the body hydrated. Water, coconut water and Limca can be consumed to keep the body hydrated.
5. Completely abstain from sweet things in the diet. Sweet things can increase the level of increased sugar in the blood.

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