Whether you have diabetes or not will be known only when you see these symptoms. Let us know what are the symptoms of diabetes. Be alert as soon as these symptoms appear.

Early symptoms of diabetes
The symptoms of diabetes type 1 appear quickly and the symptoms of diabetes type 2 develop slowly.

When the sugar level in the blood starts increasing, then its symptoms can be -

Increase in urine – The kidneys are not able to filter out the excess sugar present in the blood, so the only way to get rid of it (excess sugar) is through urine.

Excessive thirst - Due to excessive urine output, due to lack of water in the body, thirst is felt more, due to which we feel thirsty again and again; Excessive thirst is a symptom of diabetes type 2.

Increased Appetite – Due to the lack or resistance of insulin in diabetes, the body is unable to convert the food eaten into energy, due to which we often feel hungry.

Weight loss - Due to insufficient insulin production in diabetes, the body is unable to transport glucose from the blood to the body cells for use as energy, due to which the body starts burning fat and muscle for energy, which can reduce weight. Seems like.

Slow healing of a wound or injury - This happens due to the increase in the level of sugar in the blood. Such symptoms are seen in diabetic type-2 patients.
Apart from this, fatigue, headache, blurred vision, recurrent infection (weakening of the immune system), discomfort in the private part and rapid heartbeat are the initial symptoms of diabetes.

If you feel any one of these symptoms or more than one, contact the doctor immediately, otherwise the problem may increase later.

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