Should people suffering from diabetes eat ginger? What happens if a patient suffering from diabetes consumes ginger?

Can diabetics take ginger?

Ginger is a low glycaemic food, so diabetics can easily add it into their daily diet and benefit from its health promoting properties.

How to add ginger to your diet

Though more research is needed, preliminary studies have suggested that ginger can help lower cholesterolTrusted Source and improve cardiovascular health. Ginger is also an efficient aid in preventing and reducing nausea. Most people can safely include it in their diets.

Keep these things in mind when adding ginger to your diet:

Choose natural, organic ginger root over processed ginger products. Ginger-flavored products, such as salad dressing, drinks, or sweets, generally lack nutritional value.
Try to be consistent with daily consumption. Regular consumption over a period of at least six weeks has shownTrusted Source positive results in diabetes management.
Avoid overconsumption. The best results occur by taking a certain dose over a long period rather than taking high amounts over a short period.
Let it evolve from treatment to treat. Get into the habit of mixing a pitcher of iced ginger lemonade, and treat your friends or family to a glass.
Ginger isn’t a replacement for your regular treatment. You should continue to follow your doctor’s recommendations. If you experience any unusual symptoms while eating ginger, you should stop using it
आप आस्था फाऊंडेशन के फार्म को भरकर सदसय बनें जिससे की कोई भी डाइबिटीज से संबंधित मदद हम आपको मुफ्त कर सके । ये लिंक है

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