Through this article, you will know about what to eat and what not to eat during the winter season for diabetes hair.

Here are some must-have winter superfoods that are easily available for an Indian dite 

1.  :Bajra (Millet)--- Bajra is a magnesium-rich grain that is beneficial for your heart health and it is rich in fibre and minerals.

2. Makai (Corn)--- Corn is another millet that should be part of your diet. Cornflour is a gluten-free option to wheat flour. Vitamin B in cornflour helps you avoid laziness in the winter and it is nutritious enough to improve your immunity

3. Jaggery--Having a teaspoon of jaggery with ghee can boost your immunity and prevent cold or sinus infections. It can also provide relief to a blocked nose with cough or cold while keeping your body temperature in control
4. Kulith Dal (Horsegram)--- Kulith dal is a healthy food for winter, even in harsh temperatures. It helps keep the skin hydrated during the cold weather. It can also prevent kidney stones which is be important because we tend to drink lesser water in the winters

5. Til (sesame seeds)-- Sesame seeds are another healthy winter food in an Indian diet. You can use sesame seeds as a topping for your foods or use sesame oil in cooking.

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