If cholesterol is increasing in your body, then be careful because it can cause many problems. Let us give you information about what to do when cholesterol is increased and what are its symptoms.

Winter season is considered a little dangerous for heart patients. Due to the coagulation of blood in the winter season, there can also be a problem of heart attack at times. Therefore, especially in the winter season, heart patients should be taken more care. Increasing cholesterol in the body is the biggest cause of heart attack. Many heart diseases can occur due to increased cholesterol.

If the cholesterol level is increasing in someone's body, then do not ignore it. It can even become on your life going forward. By the way, any disease should not be taken lightly. But due to rising cholesterol, many people lose their lives every year. Hence it proves to be very dangerous.
what happens when cholesterol rises

When cholesterol increases, blood starts accumulating in the veins and when it increases too much, it blocks it, due to which the effect of blood in the body is not able to be done properly. Most cholesterol affects the nerves of the heart and brain. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

reason for increasing cholesterol

There are two main reasons for the increase in cholesterol. First, irregular lifestyle in which people are not health conscious at all and do not do any kind of workout. At the same time, the second reason is to consume more oily food. Most of the people like to eat outside things. Which proves to be very harmful for health. Swelling of hands and feet

If the amount of bed cholesterol in someone's body is increasing, then often their hands and feet start becoming numb. Because due to the lack of proper blood flow in the body, the hands and feet become numb.

cold hands and feet

If your hands and feet start getting cold after doing it often, then you should be alert. This is also a symptom of increased cholesterol.
fatigue and weakness
If you have started feeling more tired and weak than before. So this also indicates an increase in cholesterol.

shortness of breath when climbing stairs

If you get tired after working for a while and you start getting breathless after climbing a few stairs, then you should be able to recover. Because it can be a symptom of increasing cholesterol.
sudden weight gain
If suddenly your weight also starts increasing rapidly, even then you should be alert. All these symptoms point towards increasing cholesterol. Because cholesterol affects the heart as well as the nerves of the brain.

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