How many problems do people with diabetes have in having sex and why. And if it is happening, then what is its remedy, you must take information through this article.

Problems caused by diabetes in sex life
Diabetes is a common condition that affects approximately 246 million people worldwide. It is believed that in the coming years, it will have an effect on more people. Many other health problems can also occur due to this chronic condition i.e. long-standing disease.

In people affected by diabetes, due to the inability to keep the sugar level under control, it affects many parts of their body. This can affect from the nerves to the sexual organs of women and men. Many studies show that the problem of sexual dysfunction is commonly found in people affected by diabetes. It can arise at any time between the completion of the activity. Often because of this sex remains incomplete or to say that there is no satisfaction in sex.  Sexual dysfunction can include problems such as: 

loss of interest in sex
loss of ability to be sexually aroused
Failure or delay in reaching the climax during sex
experience pain during sex
What are the common sex problems in men with diabetes?
In the long run, due to diabetes, the sexual performance of men can be affected. Men with diabetes may have the following sex-related problems: [4]

Erectile dysfunction: There is not enough tension in the sexual organ of the person that he can have sex. This happens due to damage to the veins due to diabetes or problems with the flow of blood.
Retrograde ejaculation: The semen goes back into the bladder instead of being ejaculated through the penis.
Curvature in the penis: After stress, there is a curvature in the penis, due to which it becomes difficult in sex as well as discomfort.
Low Testosterone: The secretion of the male hormone, testosterone, is reduced.
Infertility: A man's ability to conceive to his wife/female partner may be affected.
What are the common sex problems in women with diabetes?
Hormone changes, changes in blood flow and nerve damage due to diabetes can lead to the following sexual problems in women: [3,4]

Decreased sexual arousal or lack of excitement
vaginal dryness
failure to reach orgasm
to be infertile
pain during sex

frequent vaginal infections
What are the main causes of sex-related problems in people with diabetes?
Studies show that high blood sugar levels in diabetes are an important factor in causing damage to the arteries and veins of the blood. Due to this damage to the arteries of the blood, the flow of blood to the sex organs is reduced and due to damage to the veins, there can be less stimulation in the sex organs. Hormone imbalance can also increase sex problems in individuals affected by diabetes. In diabetic women, increased blood sugar levels can reduce the amount of moisture in the vaginal mucosa, which reduces the lubrication of the vagina and can cause pain during sex. Studies have also proved that environmental factors, health problems like smoking, obesity and high blood pressure can play an important role in the development of diabetes, which can eventually lead to sex problems. Can people affected by sexual dysfunction prevent?
All health-related problems, including sex periods, occurring in people affected by diabetes can be prevented or avoided for a long time. [sh The tips given below can help in preventing these problems.
Keep your blood sugar level under control: Low or high blood sugar level, both conditions can cause problems during sex. So try to keep the blood sugar level normal.
Exercise regularly: Being physically active can help keep blood sugar levels in check and prevent sexual dysfunction. It should also be noted that the blood sugar level does not become low as it can affect sexual health.
Adopt good food habits: Eat fresh and healthy things. Such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and eat more protein. Avoid eating processed food and drink plenty of water.
Maintain a healthy body weight: Regular exercise and being physically active can help you keep your weight under control as well as your blood sugar and blood pressure]
See a Psychologist: Apart from causing emotional problems and sexual dysfunction, diabetes can also hinder your becoming a mother or father. It is important for you to report your problems to a psychologist so that they can help you deal with the emotional stress caused by your sexual problems.
If you are affected by diabetes, then give up smoking and alcohol completely, as these things can increase the problems caused by diabetes.
Due to diabetes, such health problems arise, which affect the functioning of many organs of the body. These include sexual health. However, a healthy lifestyle can definitely delay or even prevent these problems for some time. With the help of psychological advice from experts, those sexual problems can be overcome.

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