How dangerous is it to have diabetes and why is diabetes happening rapidly nowadays, let people know in detail.

Diabetes: Diabetes is such a disease that if not taken care of in time, it leads to serious diseases related to heart, eyesight or kidney. Experts believe that the disease of diabetes does not occur suddenly, but gradually due to many reasons, the main causes of diabetes
identify the symptoms
protect against disease
Diabetes is such a disease that once it happens, it stays with you for the whole life. According to experts, one in five people do not even know that they have diabetes. In diabetes, the body is not able to make enough insulin or the body is not able to use as much insulin as it is made. Due to lack of insulin in the body, the cells stop responding. If this condition remains for a long time, there are many serious diseases related to heart, eye weakness or kidney in the body. Experts believe that there are some special reasons behind the occurrence of this disease.

Genetics - Health experts say that if someone in your family has diabetes, then the chances of getting this disease increase in you too. On the other hand, people who do not have a family history of diabetes, the risk of this disease is less.

Obesity - Experts say that when a person's weight is too much, the body finds it difficult to control the blood sugar level. Because of this, most people become victims of pre-diabetes. If blood sugar is not controlled on this condition, then diabetes will completely surround it.
Sedentary Lifestyle - It is very important to keep the body active always. People who do not exercise have a higher risk of getting chronic disease. According to research, people who exercise regularly are protected from diabetes.

Eating too much sweet- Eating too much sweet increases blood sugar. The body releases insulin to control this sugar. Over time, high amounts of sugar make the body less sensitive to insulin. This increases the risk of diabetes.

How to Prevent Diabetes - The best way to avoid diabetes is to take your health seriously from an early age. Make a habit of eating healthy and do exercise every day. Avoid eating too much sugary, adopt an active lifestyle and keep checking up with the doctor from time to time.

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