Good sleep is very important for people suffering from diabetes, why and how let's give complete information.

🔥 How to get relaxed sleep?

Good sleep helps our bodies and minds recover, keeping us lean, happy, mentally focused, and healthy.

One of the strategies to get relaxed sleep is doing a brain dump.

Staring at the ceiling long after switching off the lights, obsessing about all the things you are supposed to do tomorrow, tossing & turning and getting more stressed may lead to disturbed sleep. 

Try brain dump: Take a few minutes in the evening to write out a list of whatever is bugging you.  I could be emails you need to send or reply to, calls you have to make, project ideas, creative thoughts, that thing you should have said to …so and so on…

Whatever is in your brain, get it out and on to paper.  It clears your mind for genuine relaxation which leads to quality sleep.

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