There is good news for people suffering from diabetes who always have to take insulin, now there is no need to take insulin, why read this report.

The number of diabetic patients is increasing rapidly, for which changing lifestyle is mainly responsible. People suffering from diabetes have one thing in common, that is their obesity and rapidly changing diet and lifestyle, a disease called obesity has started gripping everyone, because obesity does not even differentiate between rich and poor. The interesting thing is that the patients of diabetes are increasing rapidly in the developing country India and more than that, more than half of the diabetic patients are not aware that they are vulnerable to the disease called diabetes.
Significantly, there are about 350 million people around the world who are suffering from diabetes and out of them about 63 million diabetic patients are present in India alone. In response to a question in the Rajya Sabha in the year 2014 on this matter, the then Health Minister JP Nadda said that the National Program for the Prevention of Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes has been implemented in all the states, but at present, India is the capital of Diabetes. Which indicates that diabetics in India are increasing rapidly due to the knowledge of diabetes disease and its treatment. Among them, the contribution of rural areas is the most. Actually, diabetes is such a disease, which is never completely cured, it is necessary for the patient to continuously monitor the blood sugar, because only by controlling the blood sugar, diabetes disease and its effects. can be kept low. Usually, diabetic patients have to take insulin injections to control blood sugar, but recently scientists have got a big breakthrough in this area, which is going to prove to be a boon for diabetics. That is, now diabetic patients will not need to bear the pain of insulin injection, because scientists have developed the oral technology of insulin. Will provide relief from pain. The oral technology of insulin developed by scientists can be consumed like a capsule, which will help in controlling the blood sugar of the victim by reaching the body without harming the digestive system. In fact, when the insulin hormone was taken orally, the acid made insulin ineffective as soon as it reached the stomach, so that the insulin hormone was not as effective in lowering blood sugar as is possible with injection. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Oral insulin, developed by U.S. scientists, will be like a normal capsule filled with essential proteins, which the patient will be able to eat like normal medicines. This will solve a major problem of diabetic patients, because presently diabetics always have to carry insulin injections with them to meet the deficiency of insulin hormone, but after the development of oral insulin, now like normal medicines. Insulin can also be taken and that will also be painless. It is noteworthy that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes can be the seventh leading cause of death of people by the year 2030, for which rapidly changing diet (junk food and processed food). Increasing prevalence) and lifestyle (decreased physical activity) are directly responsible. Due to this, the disease of obesity is spreading rapidly among the people, which is an ideal condition to be vulnerable to diabetes diseases.

According to statistics, there are about 90 million cases of diabetes in China, while the number of diabetes patients in India has increased rapidly to around 70 million. Perhaps this is the reason why India is also being termed as the capital of diabetes patients. Diabetes is caused by the loss of the body's ability to produce insulin, and until now the only option available to sufferers to supply the lack of insulin hormone was palm injection, but the developed oral technology has brought relief news for the sufferers. According to a study, only half of the adults in the age group of 15 to 49 in India are not even aware of their diabetes status. Not only this, only a quarter of people with diabetes are able to get treatment and their blood sugar remains under control. To prevent India from becoming the capital of diabetes patients, the government must first take this initiative so that people can identify diabetes.

This is because people will be able to try to deal with diabetes only when they know that they are suffering from diabetes, because still 47.5 percent of people with diabetes are not aware of their disease, due to which they do not get treatment at the right time. There has been a steady increase in the number of patients since. Insulin is a type of hormone, which controls the sugar in our body and promotes its proper use. When insulin does not work properly in a person's body, the sugar produced in his body, instead of going to the cells, starts dissolving in the blood, which is called blood sugar. To balance this hormone, diabetic patients have to take insulin injections. Scientists have long wanted to make such a drug to control blood sugar, which can be taken as a tablet. Scientists claim that the new drug made by them is so strong that it will not be destroyed by the acid produced in the stomach and will reach the small intestine without any harm. Going there, this capsule will dissolve and the body will be able to use this medicine.

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