If you have diabetes can you have potato. If yes then how and if not why? What is the reason that people suffering from diabetes are forbidden to eat potatoes. Is it true or false, today you are being informed through this article.

We all like to eat potatoes. Potato is an important part of our food, without which the taste of our plate remains incomplete. Potatoes are rich in nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6, which helps in controlling cholesterol in the blood. By consuming it, the health of the heart is maintained. Sugar patients take their diet very carefully, they consume such things in their diet that control the level of sugar in their blood. Carbohydrates present in potatoes can increase sugar: Potato comes in high glycemic index, which has a high glycemic index. Consumption can affect the patients of diabetes. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, so diabetic patients often avoid eating potatoes. According to WebMD.com, by consuming potatoes, the carbohydrates in the body of diabetic patients get mixed in the blood in the form of simple sugar and keep circulating, due to which the blood sugar increases for a long time. If not taken care of, the patient can be at risk of heart failure, stroke, kidney and eyesight. That is why sugar patients are advised not to consume potatoes rich in carbohydrates. Consuming potatoes increases the level of sugar in the blood rapidly.

High glycemic index of potatoes raises sugar: The glycemic index tells you that consuming certain foods can cause your blood sugar level to rise rapidly. The glycemic load helps you know how high it will be. Potatoes have a higher glycemic index than other foods. Dieticians ask sugar patients to include foods that have a low glycemic index in the diet. If sugar patients want to consume potatoes, then they should change the way they eat potatoes. After cooking and cooling potatoes, the glycemic index of potatoes can be reduced by 25 to 28 percent. Adding lemon juice or vinegar to potatoes can also reduce it.

How much glycemic index is high for sugar patients:
High glycemic index - 20 and above.
Medium glycemic index- 11-19.
Low glycemic index- 10 and below. Cooked russet potatoes have a GL of 33, while white boiled potatoes have a GL of 25 which can increase the sugar in diabetic patients.

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