People suffering from diabetes are very likely to increase uric acid, what will you do at such a time so that if your uric acid increases, then you can reduce it. Let us give you information through this article.

Due to the increase in Uric Acid, swelling and burning in the joints starts, this is how you can control without taking medicine.
Uric Acid is a type of chemical present in our body. It is formed by the breakdown of a protein called purine. Under a normal process, the kidney removes it from our body. But in many situations, it is also seen that the kidney is not able to do this because many times it accumulates in our body in large quantities and gets scattered in the blood in the form of crystals. It starts in small joints, but after ignoring it, it starts freezing in big joints too. After this, unbearable pain starts in the joints. If it is not treated on time then it takes the form of gout. According to experts, it often increases more in the morning. This is the reason that sometimes uric acid causes more pain, burning or swelling in the joints in the morning. You should leave sour first to control uric acid. Apart from this, if you are non-vegetarian, then immediately leave red meat. If you do not get relief even after giving up red meat, then do not consume any type of meat for a few days. If you want, you can consume seafood. But you also have to see whether your body is able to do this or not. Protein should not be consumed: To control uric acid, you should reduce the intake of pulses. Even if you feel like eating lentils, then you can drink lentil water. But remember that there should not be lentils in the lentil water. Second, cottage cheese and lemon should also not be consumed. You absolutely must do this that the soreness has to be left. You can also pay attention to workouts, if our body works continuously in one direction and there is work of sitting for a long time then uric acid starts to be produced in the body. So you can walk or run daily.

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