If you are diabetic and suddenly your blood sugar starts falling, then that condition is called hypoglycemia Let us give you information that if blood sugar starts falling suddenly, then by eating which things you can control your blood sugar.

Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, the risk of diabetes is increasing rapidly not only in the elderly but also in the youth. There is no definite cure for diabetes, but it can be controlled by taking some precautions. In such a situation, it is very important that you definitely include some things in your lifestyle. Many times it is seen that by eating certain things, the level of blood sugar starts increasing very fast. Today we will tell you about some such things, due to which the level of blood sugar starts increasing rapidly. Patients of blood sugar should think many times before consuming the fruit. Because consuming bananas, apples and oranges increases the level of blood sugar. Therefore, sometimes it helps in increasing the blood sugar level. To reduce blood sugar, it is very important that you completely abstain from some things. The name of one such dry fruit is raisin. But if the blood sugar level is low, you can take 2 teaspoons of raisins. Even grapes among fruits should not be eaten by blood sugar patients. Because grapes are overly sweet and can rapidly raise your blood sugar levels. But sometimes it helps to increase blood sugar when it is low. Many times during the festival season we forget to abstain and start consuming sweets continuously. This also causes the blood sugar to rise rapidly. You can eat sweets when your blood sugar level drops more rapidly. It is generally seen in the house that people start consuming honey or jelly on a daily basis. This proves to be dangerous at times, but after a sudden drop, blood sugar level can also be controlled. Many times it is seen that people are very fond of drinking toffee or juice. Blood sugar starts increasing in the body of such people. According to experts, there is a lot of caffeine in coffee. That's why we should reduce the consumption of coffee. But it also proves to be very helpful in low blood sugar.this article is published with discussion of renowned diabtoligist

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