what is the main reason of malaria and dengue .

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As everybody knows that the mosquitoes whether of malaria or of dengue infect man i.e. the human beings but inedible truth is that it is not the mosquito on the contrary the man which infects mosquitoes. Since malaria and dengue are no more epidemic diseases rather have become endemic particularly in the areas like Mumbai, situated at the harbors of sea. They are endemic like Typhoid and Cholera. Many adults carry antigens of Dengue and Malaria. Dengue which is believed to be caused by Aedes Aegypti virus belongs to a group of Arbo virus which transmitted through Culex group of mosquitoes and which play the role of a vector.
In Mumbai, with the onset of October, incidence of dengue is at large when the days are hotter and nights are turning cold. This may be a favorable atmosphere for the breeding of mosquitoes which are known to causing Dengue or may be the viruses of dengue got activated in such climatic conditions when the days are hot and nights cool. Modern medical science has identified around forty different strains of this particular Arbo-virus which cause dengue fevers.

Dengue occurs in most of the tropics and subtropics, especially in coastal regions like Mumbai or like which have in Southern North America, south America, West Indies, Mediterranean Sea-board, Egypt, Middle East, North, Central and South Africa, Greece, Russia, Turkey, etc. Also in Middle East. China, Philippines, Thailand and in some islands of Indian Ocean, in Australia and in many Pacific islands. Modern Virology has identified more or less forty homologous (similar) overlapping antigenic strains of this and which are at present have become pathogenic to attack mankind. And an attack will produce to form immunity against all such homologous strains, whether which are forty or hundred, provided your child learn how to fight with dengue. May God help our children to build immunity in their memory cells (Mast cells). But unfortunately people think fever big disease and treat immediately.

Its fever comes with headache or shivering, the onset is very abrupt, so much so that the patient may often recall the exact time he became ill. Along with this the sharp shooting body pains are also accompanied. There may be nausea and vomiting also, at times which may be of serious kind, may be restless, fever with sudden high temperature falls to normal but may come again with more severe or lesser intensities. Some time a simple remittent fever (High fever) may last for few days and even with rash and which is how helps in developing immunity. The characteristics of this are an interval of short remission between the two febrile (heat) phases. Fever comes with chill like malaria and with bone breaking pains of Influenza like, arthralgia of Chikungunya, also have rashes. And we may also be knowing that Influenza and or Pox like fevers were also sometimes known as the Mark of God’s displeasure which have killed millions of people in different era and centuries. 

Today virology is identifying influenza which changes its make up like HIV. Influenza is Bird Flu while Dengue has symptoms like Swine Flu. Arthralgia or body ache is common in all such conditions so is the nausea, vomiting, rashes and headache. Onset like influenza is also abrupt; Influenza in association has symptoms of pneumonia while in swine flu predominant is of gastro enteritis like condition. 

However, some recent scientific studies on dengue is also revealing that after every few years, some 2 to 3, or 4, the molecule of dengue become virulent and then may cause an epidemic like situation out of endemic. In the sense, a natural defense against dengue will be only possible in a natural way which will prevent from an attack of endemic dengue and will also produce immunity against those homogenous or homologous strains of dengue like. It means bear one stroke to defend many from others. This is what the people of India until some 50 to 60 years ago believed this considering them as the Mark of the God’s displeasure. It is also therefore those were the days, in India, such fevers were not treated with some aggressive drugs and thus were helping in building immunity of a child, boys and girls. 

The more bitter fact is dengue can also be spread through tics, also through rodents and birds and also from sheep, goat, cattle, deer and elk, etc., also from hare and hedge hog etc. etc. It is because the virus of dengue cannot only be transmitted through the bite of a mosquito alone, can also be transmitted through the eggs, larva, nymph of adult ticks and also from birds. Yet more bitter truth, also the adults male of human as well which may be the parents of the child who are really the carriers of this dengue which had making havoc. These tics may have been contaminated because of the birds which were buried alive inside the soil during protection from bird flu some years ago. Ticks are now affecting goats and cattle and also rodents. So my dear friend can you eradicate it?

Henceforth the natural way of defense to fight against, it is the only way which is lying in the principle of nature that survival is the fittest. So allow your child to have dengue.

Immunity against such homologous strains of dengue or flu is only possible to identify such human adults as we are identifying those with the status of HIV or Hepatitis with modern tests. Therefore treat them first then only will possible to eradicate it. 

The researches have shown that immunity in human against such climatic diseases are lasting for about a year or several months against such infestations whether of dengue or of malaria or of typhoid, etc. and is because in this era people know how to treat fever whether of dengue, malaria or of typhoid, etc. which fails to provide natural immunity, the innate one which transmit into newborn through the vertical transmission i.e. from mother to the child. 

Epidemics of such are likely to occur after every few years and the victims will be certainly children or young adults since if they do not carry genetic information, how to fight with such pathogens, bugs or situations? 

The mosquito and any other vectors are simply a transmitter, which may be either goat or rodent. In Mumbai rodents are everywhere but what I have observed the incidence of dengue got rise. As we know that when a female mosquito of Aedes Aegypti bite a person to suck its blood got infected itself if her pray would be a carrier or affected with this bug or dengue virus. Henceforth the victims are always children or young adults who are lacking genetic information how to fight with such antigens, whether of dengue or of malaria or of lepto. In short to control dengue or malaria, first find such infected persons or affected carriers who are young and elderly adults. Awareness to kill mosquito is not enough which is going to solve the problems. 

One possible suggestion would be if we all throw our so-called anti fever drugs inside the gutters then will be one step towards this or either allow a child to suffer with fever to learn how to fight with fever to develop humoral response which helps in building immunity. Doctors should be trained how to tackle with fevers in a natural way without using modern fever drugs. 

Most of the doctors of today only know that platelets are the cells which take important role in coagulation of blood, where as the studies of modern medicines show that they are also taking important role in the immune system of a person. By breaking, these cells provide and help “Mast cells” to reach there at the battle field. Mast cells of the body are carriers of genetic information and also carry antibodies which a child receives from his/her parents. Breaking of platelets help them to surge the blood to reach there where the defense it is required. Therefore such kinds of hemorrhages are bound to occur where patient needs platelets as supplement in form of transfusion. On the contrary a synthetic platelets which can be given through injections do not have or carry such information of war tactics which are being required in such fights against those pathogens, molecules or viruses which occur during such climatic conditions whether during pre-rains or post or whether whenever health crises of a person occur make susceptible to virus infection with the beginning of winter or at its end. 

Such climatic conditions existed since ages and centuries. Need is to learn these natural ups and down of nature. Here Indian system will guide the world what has been envisaged by the ancient Indian physicians which they termed as “Doshas” whether of air, water or due to suppression of such natural discharges (The Panch-Karma). In homeopathy which has defined as “Psora”. In the sense to suppressed Psoric manifestations like cough, cold, vomits or fever in the name of palliation will invite such difficult situations where a virus of dengue or parasite malaria become incurable. No disease is incurable; we must teach our young doctors to save the younger generation from all such terrorizing news which are concocted by those, having wasted interests. 

Dengue is not a fatal disease, its our orthodox symptomatic treatment which has made this fatal or incurable. And this is the main reason, deaths due to dengue or malaria is occurring, most of the time, in our well equipped hospitals and not in homes. 
To control dengue or malaria or any other endemic and or epidemic infectious diseases of this era, first identify those symptom free carriers as we are identifying Hepatitis B or HIV affected (not infected) people. Then treat them as per their constitutional basis and not on the lines of drug to a disease. And to tackle such conditions, role of a doctor is required, not new drug or research in the first place....this article is published with the help of wall of Dr Dinesh Kumar 

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