What is Alzheimer's disease, what are its symptoms and what are its treatments

Alzheimer's disease is a disease of 'amnesia'.
This disease usually occurs around the age of 60.
Symptoms of this disease include loss of memory, inability to make decisions, difficulty in speaking, and then due to this, serious social and family problems etc.
. The risk of developing this disease increases due to high blood pressure, diabetes, modern lifestyle and multiple head injuries. .
10 warning signs
.1. Loss of memory – Forgetting recently learned information is the most common early symptom of dementia. The person often starts forgetting and is unable to remember it later.
2. Difficulty in performing normal tasks – eg steps to be taken in cooking or making telephone calls or playing a game
3. Problems with language- A patient of Alzheimer's disease starts forgetting simple words or unusual synonyms and his speech or handwriting becomes fuzzy. For example, he forgets a toothbrush and asks for something for his mouth.
4. Co-ordination in time and space- Alzheimer's patient gets lost even in his neighbourhood. He forgets where he is, how he got there and how to go back home.
5. Difficulty in making decisions or wrong decisions- Alzheimer's patient may wear casual clothes, many clothes in hot or very few clothes in cold. He has less decision making ability. He can give a lot of money to unknown people.
6. Problems with succinct thinking – An Alzheimer's patient begins to experience unusual difficulty with difficult mental tasks, such as not understanding why numbers are there and how they are used
7. Keeping things around- The patient of Alzheimer's keeps things everywhere. For example, he can keep iron in the fridge.
8. Changes in mood or temperament- A patient of Alzheimer's shows rapid changes in his temperament. Like he starts crying or getting angry or laughing for no reason.
9. Changes in personality- A person suffering from dementia can change dramatically. He becomes extremely confused, suspicious, fearful or overly dependent on a family member.
10. Inability to make effort- An Alzheimer's patient may be extremely inactive, spend hours in front of the TV, sleep a lot or be reluctant to carry out normal activities.
If you see any of these warning signs in yourself or someone in your family, 

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