People suffering from diabetes are more afraid of kidney damage because due to uncontrolled blood sugar, protein starts coming from urine which is a sign that your kidney may be damaged. So how will you take care of your kidney? How diabetic patients take care of their kidneys. Let us give you information about all these things.

There are many such habits of our everyday, which cause great damage to the kidney. From your bad lifestyle to diet, all these things affect the kidney. Due to this, there is a risk of chronic kidney disease to complete kidney damage. Consumption of salt in excess increases the risk of kidney diseases, so take only limited amount of salt throughout the day, a Do not eat more than a spoonful of salt. Due to this there is a risk of kidney related diseases. Do not consume extra sugar and eat sweet things in moderation. Processed food is high in sodium. It damages your kidneys. On the other hand, if you already have any kidney related disease, then completely avoid processed food. If you are not active and sit in one place for a long time, then it also damages your kidney. Daily activity helps in controlling blood pressure and is also good for metabolism. This keeps the kidney healthy. To keep the kidney healthy, it is also very important to take good sleep. Kidney function is regulated by the sleep walk cycle, so take care of sleep along with diet. Kidneys help in flushing out toxins from the body by cleaning the blood. To avoid kidney diseases, it is important that you drink enough water. Drinking a small amount of water increases the risk of many types of kidney diseases. According to experts, if you do not already have any kidney related problems, then drink three to four liters of water daily. Animal protein produces high amount of acid in the blood. This damages the kidney. This can lead to the problem of acidosis, in which the kidney is unable to eliminate the acid fast enough. Smoking not only damages the lungs, but it is also very harmful for your liver and kidneys. According to doctors, people who smoke are more likely to have protein in their urine, which can be a symptom of kidney failure.


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