is Diabtes curable / reversable big question that ask by every Diabtes or non diabetes people . your answer is here plz must read

A raging question where people are peddling everything from pills , herbs, powders, supernatural items and snake oil ...
Science is our ability to observe, register and believe in something until something else happens and changes our perspective…. the ability to learn and accept a new normal.
Sickness industry for my country India took off in the 1990s. The lifestyle disorders came in with western culture, values, and life. No blaming but both good and bad happened.
Diabetes is the current killer on the prowl - unknown to most. The existing researched science says “control” and has not observed anything on remission or cure.
As i said earlier, my experience with type2 diabetes was a DIFFERENT one. Having seen almost 40% of diabetics with “good control” lose a kidney or an eye or a limb, I was shocked to find myself having an Hba1c of 12.6.
Using my spouse's knowledge of Nutrition, joined a group of like-minded people who were doing newer experiments, having got fed up with conventional science and medicine had some breakthrough possibilities.
Now, these are not Lab researches but experiments done on self. Did anything go wrong - YES, i was able to reverse my type2 of diabetes and my son's prediabetics!
There is no pill, powder involved but respecting nature laws. Our team discovered the body design when violated leads to multiple disorders. Control them back and Poosh - the disease disappears.
My HbA1c hit 6.0 in about 9 months for my age of 52 and its never late to kick that pill or injections.
Want to try? ( Side effects??? do you know where you are heading before asking me that question)
Is high sugar good for body ? NO thats the killer here.
Mind is genetic , can i get rid of it ? YES your lifestyle helps. This article is published with the wall of s k Mittal . 

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