If you are diabetic and your sugar is always uncontrolled, then somewhere you must not pay attention to your diet. Let us give you information about some things so that you can control your sugar.

Due to increased blood sugar, we can become a victim of many diseases, which include diabetes, heart related diseases and kidney disease. Therefore, if the blood sugar has increased, then it is very important to bring it under control immediately. The special thing about blood sugar is that it can be corrected without medicines only by a slight improvement in the diet. For this, it has to be taken care of what you are taking in your diet. Use peanut, almond or nut butter in your breakfast. You can eat it with brown bread. Due to this, blood sugar remains under control as well as the risk of heart disease is also reduced. The unsaturated fats found in it are considered good for the heart and various parts of the body. Moong dal cheela does not allow the blood sugar to increase as well as it reduces the increased weight. Doctors often advise overweight people to lose weight when blood sugar increases. In such a situation, cheela is a great option that can be taken in breakfast. To reduce blood sugar, definitely include low fat curd in breakfast. Nutrients like protein, calcium are found in yogurt. It also helps in reducing weight. Consuming it in breakfast keeps the level of insulin balanced. To bring blood sugar under control, it is considered right to consume idli in breakfast in the morning. Idli can be made using jowar, bajra, fenugreek etc. These grains are less starchy and fenugreek helps lower blood sugar. Idli is made in steam, so it is also considered good for health.
Egg is a better source of protein. The proteins present in it reduce blood sugar. You can boil eggs, make sandwiches and eat them. This article is published with discussion of renowned dietician

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