An app that saves you from getting diabetes. And if you are a diabetic, then it helps in controlling your diabetes, then why don't you download it in your mobile. Come download this app on your mobile today. app that prevents you from getting diabetes, it indicates that you are going to be diabetic and if you have diabetes then there is such a feature in it that you can control diabetes but still people do not care, whereas in most foreign countries Most people are downloading this app, it is happening in America, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, thirty to thirty-five people are downloading daily but the members of Aastha Foundation do not make any sense. People think that if you get diabetes, you do not know what will happen, you will give this gift to the coming generation, the waste of your body will be different. And let me tell one thing, it is a falsehood that diabetes is cured, it is never cured, you can control the cable. You have got such a great platform which is always alerting you whether it is a diabetes app or blog prepared by Aastha Foundation. Ever since Aastha Foundation worked to make diabetes free by adopting Paliganj block and Bihta block, we first started getting people to download the app by going door to door. Result is good. So do not ignore, there is someone who is alerting you about your health, without any self-interest, have you ever thought how Aastha Foundation is running this campaign while every organization is busy earning money. But Aastha Foundation has become a brand that everyone wants to be associated with and that is what I have earned. Therefore, whether you understand or not, I request you again that you must download the app prepared by Aastha Foundation and subscribe to the blog, I am writing for your benefit. This is the link to the app and the link to the blog. There are many people who are ready to join. You will see that one organization has set an example by making diabetes free. Whenever you go with me, come join my campaign and see, you will get a lot of happiness and your social responsibility too. I am with you so that you should be free from all health related worries, whatever happens, I will definitely help. Here is the link to the app and the link to the blog. This app with lots of features is specially designed for diabetics and common people by Aastha Foundation. If you download it once, then it will help you to keep your diabetes under control and if you have it will always help you to keep your diabetes under control.

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