why sattu is benefitted for Diabtes patients

What is #Sattu? Why sattu is beneficial for Diabtes patients......
Sattu is prepared by dry roasting #grains or grams, most often #Barley or #Bengal gram. 
In some places Sattu is made by dry roasting #chashew, #almonds, #millets, #barley and #chickpea and grinding to a fine flour. 
This #savory drink is prepared in water and mixed with #jaggery and has high nutritional values as well as cooling tendencies. 
Along with excellent cooling qualities, it is enriched with great nutrients like #protein, #fibre, #carbs, #iron, #calcium and plenty of other #vitamins and #minerals. 
It is a great remedy to heat and can be consumed in numerous ways- 
Sattu is extremely #nutritious and satisfying. So this drink is great for women during pregnancy and menstruation as it replenishes the lost nutrients in the body. 
How to make Sattu drink? 
To make the #sharbat, which can either be sweet or salted, you will need some powdered jaggery, lemon juice and chilled water. 
Mix the jaggery powder and the sattu together and then blend the two together with some water till it forms a smooth paste. 
Add more chilled water to it and stir well. Some like to strain the drink to prevent the grainy texture of the Sattu (it eventually settles at the bottom) from getting into the mouth. 
Squeeze a bit of lemon into it and your drink is ready. 
To make it salted, omit the jaggery and use some black or rock salt in it. If you're using plain salt, a pinch of chaat masala might help to enhance the flavour. The lemon juice adds to the taste. 
You can even add chopped mint leaves or coriander and one chopped chilli (for that extra bite) to the drink to spike it. It's exceptionally good for beating the heat.

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