Why do Diabtes people always feel hungry after eating ?

Why do I constantly feel hungry even after eating???
Stress:- At times, excess stress increases appetite due to increase levels of cortisol, hormone which promotes hunger & food cravings.
 Counting calories:- To enjoy food is essentially important as there is great connection between food & mood. Basically distracted eating makes difficult vot recognise feelings of fullness.
Lack of protein, fibre & healthy fats:-  as these foods slow our stomach's emptying rate and increases the production of fullness promoting hormones. In addition, they are essential nutrients for our body.
Exercise:- It is important but excess of it burns lot of calories especially high intensity tend to have faster metabolism. Thus, May experience excessive hunger
Restricted diet:- Eating right is more important than eating less, as eating very less leads to less satiety levels resulting in excessive hunger pangs.
Dehydration:-  Feeling of thrist can be mistaken by feeling of hunger. To ensure real hunger, simply drink water as it also helps in proper hydration.

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