What is healthy food and how can you balanced your diet with healthy food

Who doesn’t love to eat tasty food every day? But while enjoying the tasty food, people forget the quality of their meals. Different foods contain various types of healthy and unhealthy fats, so you need to choose the food options that are good for your body.
When ordering food in a restaurant, most people think about the taste of their meal and not the actual nutritional value of the food coming their way. You should be aware of healthy and unhealthy food choices.
We can spot the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods thanks to the following characteristics:
A healthy food choice tends to be:
- Rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and full of fiber
- Unprocessed and as "whole" as possible
- Low in added sugar and added salt
- Good for your energy levels
An unhealthy food choice tends to be:
- Minimal in nutritional value
- Highly processed 
- High in added sugars and salt
- High in saturated fats
- Added artificial flavors and chemical compounds
But still, if you give preference to the taste and neglect the nutritional value, you’re asking for trouble or a health risk. This is because unhealthy food options like junk food may be too delicious but it contains bad fats that will adversely affect your overall health in the long . This article is published with discussion with senior dietician

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