What is gestational Diabtes. what are the impact of Child when a women during pregnancy found Diabtes and what is the diet of pregnant women during gestational Diabtes.

In today's time, due to uncontrolled diet and irregular lifestyle, most of the people are battling the disease of diabetes. In some women, changes in hormones during pregnancy also cause blood sugar levels to rise. Due to which they can get diabetes. In medical terms, this condition is called gestational diabetes. However, in women who have had diabetes during pregnancy, it goes away after giving birth to the child. But women who are already suffering from diabetes, they are more cautious than normal pregnant women. needs to be followed. Because, if their blood sugar level is not controlled, then it can lead to many serious problems. Which can also affect the health of the unborn child. Women suffering from diabetes during pregnancy should have normal blood sugar level ie 95 mg/dl before eating. It should be less than 120 mg/dl two hours after a meal. During this time, women should keep their blood sugar level checked from time to time. Because due to diabetes, many types of defects can be born in the unborn child. Also, the risk of premature baby and miscarriage can also increase. In such a situation, women who are suffering from diabetes need to take special care of their diet during pregnancy. A balanced and healthy diet helps to keep both the mother and the baby safe by controlling the blood sugar level. Apart from this, women suffering from diabetes are also advised to do yoga and meditation during pregnancy. All these articles are published only discuss with renowned gynocologist. Plz you also contact your gynocologist for any quiry

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