What is brain cancer . what are the symtoms . how can be cure

Brain Cancer Symptoms
Brain is the center of life. All life activities, every details, can only occur through a sophisticated mechanism regulated by the brain. At the same time, brain alsomust perform thousands of activities at once. All above can be simultaneously implemented because they are regulated by different parts. Yes, brain has many parts that have different functions.
► Headache, accompanied by vomitus and nausea. 30% of early brain cancer symptoms are headache. It varies from mild to severe and episodic, generally get worse at night and waking in the morning with vomiting because of high intracranial pressure.
► Decreased awareness
► Mental instability and behavioral changes. It can be a mild mental change called psychomotoric asthenia, which only can be felt byclose relatives like: irritability, emotional instability, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression,loss of initiative and spontanity. Remember, all former symptoms are progressive and can be found at 65% cases.
► Speech disturbance
► Reduced vision
► Hearing loss
► Walking imbalance
► Weakened extremities (upper and lower)
► Convulsion, etc.
Remember, the list above is only about symptoms. Even if you experience one or more symptoms, it doesn't directly means you are affected by brain cancer. To make sure, you should contact a neurologist and undergo further examination, especially head CT-scan, MRI, etc. Article is published with discussion with renowned oncologist. 

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