People suffering from diabetes are more prone to heart attacks and now this disease is spreading rapidly among the youth. How do you know if your heart is too weak? Cucumbers We give you some simple information so that you will be able to know that your heart is weak and needs to be strengthened.

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September. According to the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day is important because heart disease (CVD) is a serious problem for the world. At this time the whole world is preparing to deal with the corona virus (covid-19). Millions of people have died worldwide due to Corona virus. But apart from corona, there are many such diseases in the world which are considered enemies of human life. One of these is heart disease. People adopt many ways to stay healthy, but even then the risk of heart attack remains. You can find out how healthy your heart is by sitting at home without any medical advice. Let us know how you can find out whether your heart is healthy or not. Symptoms of Heart Failure
Shortness of breath while walking?
Frequent chest pain?
Feeling tired while working?
Feeling weak. According to a report of the European Society of Cardiology, you can test your heart by climbing the stairs of your home. If you climb at least 60 steps in 90 seconds i.e. one and a half minutes your heart is healthy but if you are not able to do this then you should consult your doctor Symptoms of heart failure
The patient has shortness of breath. Weakness and fatigue increase. Apart from this, the main symptoms are weight gain, loss of appetite and frequent urination due to persistent cough and fluid retention. If it takes you more than 90 seconds to climb 60 stairs, then it means that your heart is completely healthy No and you should consult a doctor. About 58 percent of people who took more than 90 seconds to climb 60 steps had abnormal heart function. Heart disease is fatal in most cases. If you also see any symptoms of this, then first of all take care of your diet. Set your lifestyle as per the advice of the doctor... This article is published with discussion of renowned heart specialist

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