if you want to controlled your blood sugar your have to use tulsi always ....

In today's time, due to poor diet, irregular lifestyle, stress and negligence in physical activities, people fall prey to such diseases, which earlier used to happen to the elderly. One such health problem is diabetes. Today people of all ages, whether elderly or young, even children are becoming victims of diabetes. In the disease of diabetes, the blood sugar level keeps on fluctuating uncontrollably, due to which life-threatening conditions like heart attack, brain stroke, kidney failure and multiple organ failure can also arise. If it is stopped then, due to this, the level of blood sugar in the body starts increasing. High blood sugar level in medical language is called hyperglycemia. According to health experts, lifestyle and dietary changes can help reduce blood sugar levels. In such a situation, Tulsi can prove to be beneficial for diabetic patients. Tulsi has great importance in Ayurvedic medicine. Rich in medicinal properties, the antioxidant properties present in basil help in controlling blood sugar level. Diabetic patients can consume basil in this way. Diabetic patients should consume 3-4 leaves of basil daily on an empty stomach in the morning. This helps in controlling the level of blood sugar. If you want, you can also consume basil water. For this, soak some basil leaves in a glass of water before sleeping at night, then wake up in the morning and consume it. Apart from this, you can also drink basil tea. For this, put 4-5 basil leaves in a cup of water and boil it. Then filter the water and mix one spoon of honey in it and consume it.
Consuming Tulsi regularly not only helps in controlling the blood sugar level but also helps in relieving stress. The cortisol hormone present in basil relieves stress.

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