How can controlled your PCOS polysystric ovarian syndrome or Diabtes .

Are you spending all of your time worrying about what to eat or what not eat for PCOS? Or what supplements you should be taking?
When it comes to managing PCOS, you can only manage by changing your lifestyle.
➡️After a little bit of an irregular time spent glued to the newspaper or screen last week, may be try easing up a bit on the electronic usage this week. Give your eyes a break, in return, they will make that melatonin for you that's going to give you a restful night of sleep.
➡️Go to bed 15 mins earlier than usual and leave your phone in the other room. Adequate sleep is CRUCIAL for blood sugar balance and affects what and how much we eat the following day!
➡️While we're talking about eating, eating breakfast is one of the best thing you can do to align your body with CIRCADIAN RHYTHM - and fuel you properly for your day so you don’t find yourself scrounging in cabinets after dinner.
➡️And finally it could be that we're more sedentary than usual. What can you do about it? Lunchtime walk around the block? Regularly scheduled break throughout the day where you can do some physical activity.
➡️Lifestyle changes can help people with PCOS manage the condition. Research has shown that combining a PCOS diet with physical activity can lead to the following benefits: 
✔weight loss
✔Improved insulin metabolism
✔more regular periods
✔Reduced levels of male hormones and male-pattern hair growth
✔lower cholesterol levels.

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