what is Diabtes , how many Diabtes , what are complications and how can be controlled

Two types of diabetes affect a patient's health: type one diabetes and type two diabetes. Insulin is a hormone produced in our pancreas. Whenever we eat food, it gets broken down in the pancreas and provides energy to our body. Type one diabetes, insulin production decreases that is managed by giving insulin injections to the patients. While in type two diabetes, insulin production increases, which further causes kidney failure, paralysis, heart stroke, and vision problem. Whenever a person eats junk food, packed food, or stale food a lot, it causes diabetes as our body requires a lot of energy to process this food which eventually gets accumulated in the body. The same waste reaches our pancreas and restricts its function to produce sufficient insulin for the body. Working on the root cause helps to produce adequate insulin in the body by working on the cells. Our treatment helps to restart the function of the cell and decrease the consumption of sugar in the body with the help of diet.

Therefore, we advise patient to avoid fruits as it contains sugar in high amount. So we recommend patient consume vegetables instead of fruits. Vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The patient is also advised to avoid potatoes, but if the patient insists, they can occasionally eat potatoes by leaching them. Along with it, we also recommend the patient eat mixed chapati. We also advise patients to at salad as much as possible and divide their diet into six sections.

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