Sleeping less then six hour is dangerous for Diabtes patients .


eeping less than six hours is dangerous

If you want to make an excuse to sleep more then this conclusion can give a scientific basis to your desire. A new study says that people who sleep less than six hours a night are at higher risk of stroke. Researchers have found that people who sleep for six hours in their middle age are at higher risk of stroke than people who sleep for nine hours despite being healthy. This research was done on about 5,000 people, whose age was 45 years or more.

In this finding, it was found that people who sleep less have more problems like body pain, visual impairment or dizziness. According to the scientists of the University of Alabama, people who are deprived of adequate sleep have symptoms of diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. go. It has already been proven that sleep apnea (a breathing problem that results in poor sleep) is linked to stroke. It is worth noting that a similar research was done last year, which said that due to less sleep, stroke and heart related problems are increasing in people. But, recent research has focused on the early symptoms of stroke, which are usually ignored.

Earlier studies suggested that sleeping less than six hours or sleeping more than nine hours on a regular basis increases the risk of stroke, but now researchers say that more research is still needed in this direction, so that it be fully certified.

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