How can you overcome your stress ?

How can you overcome stress?
Stress is a natural process that our body reacts to and protects us from the external environment. But when it occurs repeatedly, it affects our health. Stress is quite common in all of us but how each one handles it matters a lot. There are few factors that can help us to overcome stress.
Balanced Diet :
Eating a balanced diet gives you an energetic day to start. A healthy diet helps to release the serotonin hormone that calms the brain and decrease the cortisol and adrenaline hormone which are responsible for stress. So, try to eat a balanced diet.
Exercise :
Regular exercise brings a lot of health benefits to you. It gives you abundant energy and extends your lifespan. Exercise helps to burst out stress by releasing hormone endorphin. It’s a hormone which makes you feel happy and increases your positive feelings. Ensure you exercise regularly.
A good night's sleep is very important, like a good diet and exercise. A good amount of sleep helps to reduce your stress. So, try to have a good quality and quantity of sleep. Make sure you have a complete 8 hours sleep in a day.
Supportive relationship: 
Spend time with people who loves you and are supportive to you. Reduce or avoid to spend time with people who do not give you positive energy. Spend time with family, good friends and your teammates to improve your self-esteem.
Mindful meditation: 
Meditation helps both mental and physical health. It helps you to be focused. Mindful meditation is very good to burst your stress.
Involve in creative activities:
Studies say that creativity decreases when the stress level is high. Get involved in activities like painting, singing, writing or anything you find creative and enjoy doing it.
The stress is unavoidable but it can be overcome by following the above factors.....Dr nitish kumar neurologists fulwaria Sharif patna

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