how can you manage your blood sugar. here are 3 tips that give your ballance your sugar

Here are my top 3 tips that can help you get your blood sugars balanced today:

Tip #1:
Eat Balanced meals and snacks. Include 20-30 grams protein per meal, 1-2 tbsp fat and lots of fiber so you stay full and keep blood sugars balanced.

Tip #2
Change the order in which you eat your food. Yes, swapping the order can really help!

Studies are showing eating carbohydrates AFTER protein or fat can lower blood sugars after the meal compared to having the carbs first. ⠀

The protein and fat help balance blood sugar and the satiety that results can also help you eating less carbs overall which means less of a blood sugar spike. ⠀

So…go straight for the proteins like cheese, bean dip, meat, or fish before you have that bread or chips and salsa.

And save the dessert for the end.

Tip #3
Walk or move 10 minutes after meals.

Muscle absorbs 80 percent of the sugars post meal so keeping them engaged can make a HUGE difference in bringing down blood sugars.

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