How can you create a healthy diet ....

As you grow older, you should reduce your food portions because your calories requirement is likely to be lower. Here’s how you can create a healthy diet to make the most of your meals and stay physically healthy:
1. Eat calcium-rich food….Bone health is an important factor in old age to avoid health problems like osteoporosis. You should include low-fat dairy products like toned milk and leafy vegetables which are rich sources of calcium.

•       2 .Choose more healthy fats….Elderly people should cut down on saturated fats which are found in oily food, high-fat dairy and meats. Instead, foods with unsaturated fats like avocado, fish and vegetable oils are healthy substitute.

 3.Add fibre to your diet….High-fibre foods can prevent constipation and provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body requires. Include foods like raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains which are rich sources of fibre in your diet.
           4.Don’t forget lean proteins….The lean muscle mass in your body tends to reduce as you age. To maintain muscle mass you should include lean proteins like beans, eggs, chicken and nuts in your diet.
 5. Stay hydrated….Water is always an important of any diet. You should drink water or some healthy soups regularly at short intervals throughout the day. You can also include foods with high water content like grapes, cucumber and any types of melon to your diet.

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