What is cholesterol

 What is Cholesterol?

 Hyperlipidemia is an increase in the amount of cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood.

 The most common symptoms of this disease are tingling, tingling, and numbness of the hands and feet while sleeping. The soles of the feet become very hot and wake the person up.

  👈Symptoms of hyperlipidemia!

 Feeling heavy and tired in the body

 Always drowsy

  🔹Causing chest pain

 Headache, headache

 🔹 Increased body temperature

 Heating of the body and legs

 🔹 Numbness of limbs

 Dangers of hyperlipidemia!

 Closure of small arteries

 🔹Risk of high blood pressure

 طر Risk of heart attack and stroke

 Gallbladder stones

 🔹 Risk of prostate cancer

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