Diabtes vaccine in trail

 Good news ....Do You Know Diabetes Vaccine Trial?                             

A prototype vaccine for diabetes that could prevent type 1 diabetes in children is undergoing clinical trials since 2018.

Diabetes vaccines attempt to stop the T cells from attacking the body's own cells. Diamyd Medical is a Swedish company undertaking a trial in humans to see if their antigen vaccine can slow down or even abort type 1 diabetes at an early stage of its development.

Phase III of the trial has been split into two regions, Europe and the USA, with 320 participants taking part in each. The Phase III trials in Europe showed that the Diamyd treatment failed to preserve beta cell function past 15 months.

Another nanoparticle vaccine has been successfully used in mice. The vaccine uses tiny nanoparticles armed with antigens to stimulate the body's regulatory T cells, which help to regulate the killer T cells.



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