क्या मोनोपाज एक बिमारी है । क्या मासिक होना बिमारी है ।


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AN average, normal female child would startexperiencing a monthly cycle of ovulation and menstruation from about age 11yrs – 45 or 50 yrs.

During this period, the Follicle Stimulating Hormone and the Leutenizing Hormone(respons ible for ovulation and menstruation respectively) are very active.

Baring any biological malformation along the line, the woman so concerned between age bracket mentioned above should conceive and birth at interval of say 3 years.In the course of ovulation and menstruation,2 other hormones, namely oestrogen and progesterone responsible for the activation of mammary glands, thus ensure productionof breast milk during pregnancy for the infant baby through a process known as lactation.

On attaining the age of 45 or 50yrs, the woman experiences cessation of ovulation and of course menstrual flow. This stage in awoman’s life is called


Menopause is a natural condition that occurs in the reproductive system of every woman, irrespective of race, bringing along with it, the following complications: (i) Decrease in oestrogen and progesterone (two basic female hormones) which causes profound mental and physical problems for many women, including hot flashes (inexplicable movement of heat sensation round the body) less of libido occasioned by vaginal dryness; depression, hairless and skin changes.

Decline in hormones also creates a risk for cardio vascular disease. Oestrogen usually provides protection to the heart and lower cholesterol levels. Osteroporosis, a thinning of the bone that leads to frailty and even death is another outcome of oestrogen deficiency.

Treatment/ Managgement 

Menopause though not a disease condition in itself, but is a precursor of diverse discomforting and life threatening conditions. Care therefore must be taken in choosing a treatment pattern. The use of synthetic hormone- replacement therapy for instance has been fingered as a high risksource for breast cancer.

Even the use of certain variants of phytoestrongens is also very tricky.

A multi-faceted therapy by practitioners, who really know their onions, would however make post- menopause a graceful and enjoyable aging experience for the womenfolk

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